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What are Synthetic Opioids? Your Guide

A growing number of people are prescribed synthetic opioids every year. You just got a new prescription, and you’re worried about addiction. So, you may ask, “What are synthetic opioids?” and wonder if they are safer than natural opiates. This topic is a prevalent one these days and needs to be fully understood. So please read through this rehab blog.

What are Synthetic Opioids?

Synthetic opioids are drugs manufactured to simulate the effects of natural opiates. They provide pain relief for a variety of different problems. For example, those with terminal cancer often get these substances. Other people may get them for infections or even amputations. When used correctly, they help minimize pain quickly and efficiently. Proper use may also reduce addiction risk.

However, synthetic opioids are very potent. Often, they are more potent than natural opiates. As a result, only small amounts are prescribed. And rather than taking 2-3 with every dose, you likely take one or even one-half. Unfortunately, these substances can be quite dangerous if misused. Some may experience addiction and even die if they abuse these substances.

For example, the CDC reports that synthetic opioids like fentanyl caused more than 28,000 deaths in 2017. Overdose death rates increase massively during this year. As a result, many political figures are concerned about this danger. Even worse, many of these deaths occur in people using synthetic opioids for legitimate pain reasons. To understand this danger, you must examine synthetic vs natural opioids.

Synthetic vs Natural Opioids

When asking, “What are synthetic opioids?” you need to understand natural types. Natural opioids are those derived from the opium poppy plant. These substances include heroin, morphine, and codeine. They are all derived from this plant and activate your opioid receivers. Typically, they are very potent but not as potent as synthetic options. That potency is the significant separating factor here. Natural opioids can’t reach the same level. As a result, they are marginally safe but still dangerous.

Some estimate that fentanyl – a common synthetic opioid – is 50 times more potent than heroin. It is also 100 times more potent than morphine. As a result, synthetic options are often more dangerous. People used to natural opioids may overdose on synthetic ones more easily. Even worse, people who abuse them may develop a tolerance that leads to overdose. Therefore, recovery efforts are essential. These can help you beat addiction and stay clean for good.

Is Treatment Possible?

When asking, “What are synthetic opioids?” you also need to figure out how treatment helps you gain sobriety. The dangers of these substances are well documented and hard to deny. If you believe that you have an addiction, rehab is necessary. Multiple care options help you to stay focused and manage this disease. Just a few care options include:

  • Detoxification – Even synthetic opioids must be withdrawn carefully from your body
  • Nutritional care – Rebuild your health with high-quality meals and exercise
  • Medical help – Manage any severe health problems caused by these drugs
  • Emotional treatment – Use private and family counseling to get your emotions in check
  • Behavioral adjustment – Utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to understand and change your abuse triggers
  • Aftercare – Focus on your care after your rehab to ensure that you don’t fall back into abuse

This care model has become very popular over the years. Whether with opiates or other drugs, rehab can help you recover. Outpatient options help you focus on your life while getting care. Inpatient gives you the isolation necessary to improve. Pick an option by talking with an addiction counselor. They will direct you towards a sober life and keep you focused and healthy for good.

We Can Help

If you need a good answer to “What are synthetic opioids, and how can I overcome addiction?” call us at 1-866-824-5193. Our specialists at Atlantic Recovery Center provide a small and intimate facility for your recovery. A new residential program helps many people overcome their addiction. Our clients get a small and family-centered approach with individualized care options. As a result, you can get a loving care option that helps you recover more quickly. Contact us today to start your recovery journey.