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What is a Holistic Approach to Rehab?

When researching different rehab centers, you may stumble across the term “holistic approach”. This isn’t some new-age form of therapy. It’s a comprehensive approach designed to treat all aspects of an individual’s addiction and needs. Here’s a closer look at the holistic approach of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


What is holistic healing?

Holistic treatment looks at a patient’s health from all angles. This includes physical factors, mental factors, and emotional factors. A holistic rehab program usually includes traditional medical treatments as well as emotional and behavioral therapies. Addiction rehab that incorporates holistic approaches are trying to treat the source of the addiction in many ways. When a patient learns the underlying causes of their addictive behavior, it’s easier to learn effective coping strategies that will help them stay sober in the long-term.


What makes holistic rehab different?

A rehab center that provides a holistic approach offers all kinds of supplemental therapy and treatment in additional to more traditional methods. Although one-on-one and group therapy are extremely essential to the recovery process, other holistic components can be extremely helpful. These kinds of components may include yoga, counseling, nutritional therapy, exercise, art and music therapy, and behavior therapy. Holistic rehab focuses on total body health, not just addiction. It’s important to heal the entire body, both physically and emotionally, while recovering from addiction. A holistic approach offers coping methods and strategies that traditional rehab may not.


Is Holistic rehab for everyone?

Yes, holistic therapy is for everyone. An important factor in holistic treatment is that it is individualized to each patient. No treatment plan will look the same. For this reason, a holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab has a high success rate.


If you’re interested in learning more about the holistic approach, we implement here at Atlantic Recovery Center, please reach out today. We’re here to help you through the treatment process.