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What To Expect During A Residential Treatment Program

No mode of treatment is exactly the same for everyone. However, taking time to learn about a quality residential treatment plan in Florida for yourself or a loved one is a tremendous, giant step in the right direction. Atlantic Recovery Center is just that place. We want you to put addiction in the past. If you are reading this for a loved one, we’re both on the same page. We want your loved one to live a safe and healthy life free from substance abuse.

What To Expect During a Residential Treatment Program Stay

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, residential treatment is one of the best program types for long-term sobriety. People who are at the detoxification stage of treatment have a lot of questions. One question is just what to expect during a residential treatment program stay? That is because residential treatment generally follows detoxification.

Residential treatment includes 24-hour a daycare within a facility to address substance abuse issues. Typically, it is not within a hospital setting, though it can be. Most people confuse residential treatment with inpatient treatment. There are inherent areas where they co-mingle. For example, some residential treatment programs are on the grounds of hospital facilities. They are also similar in that a medical physician can make rounds at a residential facility.

Residential Treatment Is Usually Long Term

Treatment modalities continue to grow and change with new medications, new technologies, new modes of implementation, and the various personalities behind the abuse. It cannot be a stagnant thing. That is why there are some overlaps in treatment modes.

As stated, residential treatment can include visits from a doctor if necessary. Some people have a dual diagnosis program – mental health issues along with their substance-abuse issues. These individuals still benefit from residential drug treatment. The most popular residential treatment model is called a TC or a therapeutic community. A typical stay in a therapeutic community can be between six and twelve months.

Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic communities are geared toward laying a great foundation for success. Here, re-socialization of the client is critical. These communities employ a myriad of treatment modalities from cognitive-behavioral therapy to evidenced-based approaches. Chances for success are extremely high with this mode of treatment. You must work very closely with your counselor to determine what therapeutic approach is going to work for you. This is a trial and error part of your treatment plan. As you get to know your counselor and treatment team, you learn how to work together to put the right plan in place.

Other Components of Residential Treatment

What to expect during a residential treatment program? The answer is simply – success. Consider that you and your treatment team have the same goal – lifelong abstinence. Expect a structured program that may be confrontational. Drug addiction is thought to be the consequence of your social and psychological problems. Consequently, treatment revolves around how to engage and confront. Clients take a tough look at their thought processes and beliefs centered around drug addiction. Challenging and changing these beliefs to healthy lifestyle habits is the goal of residential treatment.

The Gang Is All Here!

You can expect family members to be invited into the programming as you progress. Initially, this may not be the case as a complete break from your outside life may be warranted. You will find a continuous re-integration process at work while you reside in the residential treatment program. What to expect during a residential treatment program? Expect success, hard work, and healing. These outcomes are up to you but it is what should be expected.

Atlantic Recovery Centers

We are an intimate facility with a smaller capacity. As a result, your issues come into sharper focus. Our beautiful campus offers the serenity and peacefulness that are essential to putting all the right pieces of your life back together. Here is a listing of some programming that we offer:

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