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Reasons Why You May Need Extended Rehab Care

Addiction impacts every aspect of a person’s life. It’s not just about the physical toll addiction takes on the body. Substance abuse alters the chemistry inside a person’s brain, affecting their behavior and mental well-being. The odds for achieving a successful recovery increase the longer someone stays in rehab. The answer to the question, “will I need extended rehab care?” depends on a variety of factors. You may benefit from taking more time to address the problems that led to your addiction.

How Severe Are Your Symptoms?

Substance abuse affects people across an array of backgrounds. You could have started out using drugs, alcohol, or other substances out of curiosity, to fit in with peers, or as a way of relieving stress. Many people become addicted to prescription drugs because they suffer from an illness or injury that required them to take strong pain medication.

Not everyone who uses drugs ends up with a severe addiction. However, those who become addicted have those substances take a serious toll on their well-being. You may have a substance use disorder if you:

  • Feel the urge to consume your substance of choice every day, or even several times per day
  • Want to abuse substances pushes out thoughts of anything else
  • Need more of your substance of choice to achieve any effect
  • Turn to stealing or other crimes to finance your habit
  • Stop meeting your school, work, or family obligations
  • Find yourself getting into legal trouble because of your substance abuse
  • Your health starts failing as substances take a larger toll on your body
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop cold turkey

How Has Addiction Impacted Your Life?

Another reason you may end up answering yes to the question, “will I need extended rehab care?” is the amount of wreckage you’ve caused because of your substance abuse. You may have given up on your education goals or lost your job because you couldn’t get control of your addiction issues.

The longer you abuse drugs, the harder it can become to comprehend living normally. Thinking about going through life without your favorite substance becomes a frightening prospect. You may not be capable of contemplating living in a world where you cope with daily stresses without the help of a substance.

How Can You Benefit From Extended Rehab Care?

What do you have to gain by saying yes to the question, “will I need extended rehab care?”

Longer stays in a treatment program gives your brain more time to recover from the damage caused to it by your substance abuse. That allows you to think more clearly, helping you become more present during your therapy sessions. You find yourself more open to accepting the insights from therapists and others going through the same treatment. That’s one reason you answer yes when asking yourself “will I need extended rehab care?”

An extended rehab stay gives you more time to learn and start practicing the skills you will need to survive in the world without relapsing. You’ll learn to deal with the triggers you will face while learning to stick with routines that prevent you from devolving back into your bad habits.

Your body also benefits from a longer rehab stay. Many people struggling with addiction come into rehab malnourished. Eating regular meals allows your body to rebuild itself, leading to you looking and feeling better.

Check in for Extended Rehab Care at Atlantic Recovery Center

Atlantic Recovery Center provides a residential treatment program tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. We also have other recovery programs available.

Learn more about our program by calling 1-866-824-5193. Once you’re willing to accept that the answer is yes when it comes to the question, “Will I need extended rehab care?”, you’re taking the first steps toward a better life.