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Wine Mom Culture

Wine mom culture emerged with the tongue-in-cheek Facebook group called “Moms Who Need Wine,” which has more than 700,000 members. Moms share funny memes and other content about how much wine mothers need to raise children. This is just one group that glorifies alcohol and alcoholism among women. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, our women’s rehab center targets women who need help stepping away from the bottle to live their best lives.

Is Wine Mom Culture Bad?

Movies such as Bad Moms and Bad Moms 2 portray moms as carefree, rebellious, and prodigious wine drinkers — a far cry from Carol Brady and June Cleaver. So, what’s wrong with a playful take on motherhood?

One study found that binge drinking among women 30 to 44 double from 21% in 2006 to 42% in 2018. For women, binge drinking consists of having at least four drinks in one day more than 60 times a year.

Are You an Unwitting Member of Wine Mom Culture?

Wine mom culture glorifies alcohol and can lead to a greater frequency of drinking. In fact, a mom who pours herself two or three glasses of wine every night may well become a functioning alcoholic. For moms that drink at play dates and birthday parties, it may be time to seek help to escape this socially accepted but damaging habit.

Consuming three or four glasses of alcohol daily can increase the risk of numerous health issues, such as:

  • Brain damage
  • Liver failure
  • Heart disease
  • Mouth cancer

If you suspect you have crossed the line and want help putting down the wine, contact Atlantic Recovery Center. Our alcohol addiction treatment program can help you safely wean yourself off alcohol. Remember that alcohol withdrawal carries serious health risk, making it dangerous to quit cold turkey without proper medical and therapeutic assistance.

Sobering Reality Beyond the Fun Memes

Everybody loves a funny meme. However, if you’re struggling to beat your alcohol addiction, it’s no laughing matter. Our licensed therapists use concepts from 12-step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you address the stress and trauma that may have led to your battle with alcohol use disorder.

Not every mother who takes part in wine mom culture becomes an alcoholic. However, for those who already have mental health disorders, frequent alcohol consumption can become a means of self-medicating.

When you come to our center, we start out with an assessment to determine which of our programs might work best for you. Along with providing guidance, support, and accountability during your recovery, we also have an alumni program that helps you stay connected to your peers when you need them the most.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we offer a variety of programs and approaches for multiple drug and alcohol use disorders. The approach we take with your treatment plan depends on whether you have co-occurring mental disorders that we have to address alongside your alcohol addiction. Say goodbye to wine mom culture and hello to sobriety and clarity. Contact us at 1-866-824-5193 today for more information on our innovative programs or to register for recovery services.