Atlantic Recovery Center’s Women’s Rehab Center in Davie, FL

If you’re looking for a women’s rehab program in Davie, FL, or a women’s rehab center in Davie, FL, Atlantic Recovery Center is your go-to facility. What sets us apart is our size. One of the rare things you’ll find at our treatment facility is that it is a smaller and more private environment. It’s all about the individual.

Why Women’s Rehabilitation Is Necessary?A woman stands on a beach with her arms thrown back after she completes a women's rehab center in Davie, FL.

Women’s rehab program in Davie, FL is necessary because women have different needs for their treatment. These needs appear because there are distinct physiological factors involved in substance use and abuse between the sexes. Hormonal factors are involved in substance use and substance abuse treatment as a result of physiological factors like pregnancy and menopause and everywhere in between.

Women are also predisposed to absorb and excrete substances and alcohol in different ways from their male counterparts. At the women’s rehab center in Davie, FL, we are aware of the inherently different physiological effects on men and women substance abusers and alcohol abusers. These physiological differences non-withstanding are concrete factors. However, they do not constitute the main reasons for the separation of men and women in substance abuse treatment.

Where And How We Live

The main factor involved with the need for a women’s rehab center in Davie, FL is based on societal differences. In short, how we are socialized is the main reason separation is necessary. When men and women are walking away from substances of abuse and alcoholism, they must stay focused on the task at hand. Medical professionals frown upon entering romantic relationships at this juncture.

The vulnerability of the clients predisposes them to make bad choices during this stage.

Speak Up

Men and women can speak freely in a group without the other sex present. We’ve found that sociological factors such as pressure in appearance, pressure on the job, the pressure to provide, pressure to engage with the opposite sex, etc. are unnecessary burdens on the group process. Bringing these facets into the group process is detrimental to both genders.

It takes away from the discussion of other issues such as familial issues, triggers, urges to use and abuse substances and alcohol.

Coming Together Slowly

Every treatment facility differs on these measures, and some facilities allow a mixture of genders from the beginning while others do not. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we welcome your input regarding the guidelines you’ll note at our facility.

Does The Substance Matter In Gender-Specific Rehabilitation

The substance or alcohol that you abused does not change the separation of rehab by sex. The separation of the sexes remains a general rule. However, because sex does not always determine gender orientation, it is a topic for open discussion upon admittance into the facility.

Finding Your Bottom As The First Step in Recovery

Women can discuss how they reached their rock-bottom in terms of their substance abuse or alcohol abuse. We find that our patients can discuss topics freely when they are not in mixed company. Women gain insight from one another as they are commonly socialized, reared, and educated in our society. In short, the commonalities here outweigh the differences and including men in the group process compound the issue.

Atlantic Recovery Center – The Premier Women’s Rehab

Atlantic Recovery Centers has a trusted women’s rehab center in Davie, FL. We are a credentialed and trusted resource serving the Davie, Florida area, and surrounding areas is a staple of the community. Additionally, our clients find that our close-knitted facilities make them feel comfortable and secure. The family-like atmosphere is conducive to our clientele. The beautiful scenery evokes sunshine and pleasant days ahead. Above all, no matter what addiction you want to beat, we want to help you get there.

Examples of the treatment programming that we offer:

Some people thrive in an environment where there are a lot of clients. They like a populated atmosphere where there are more people around. However, we offer the opposite at Atlantic Recovery Center for those who need a more private environment.

Our newly added residential program has a maximum capacity of seven. We focus our aftercare on group-oriented treatments. If housing is required, it would have to be at a sister facility. This capacity affords Atlantic Recovery Center a more intimate treatment approach. Our facilitators can focus on you because there are fewer clients present.

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