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Women’s Addiction Treatment Center in Davie, FL

Are you searching for an effective women’s addiction treatment center in Davie, FL? The process of identifying high-quality treatment centers and then determining their suitability to your budget and personal needs can feel overwhelming at first. Maybe you know that it’s time to seek treatment for substance abuse yourself or you’re helping a loved one. There are some things you need to think about before settling on one treatment program.

Types of Women’s Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida

Addiction treatment programs aren’t all the same. You may have heard that some offer luxury services that feel more like a vacation while others are more clinical. However, luxuries aren’t what’s important when choosing your ideal women’s addiction treatment program. The structure of the program and the lifestyle you or your loved one will enjoy while in the program are the most important considerations.

There are three main types of programs you will encounter:

  • Residential Treatment We designed our residential treatment program to provide maximum structure and accountability. Completing the program can improve your chances of living a life of sobriety in the long term. Residential treatments require all clients to live within the treatment facility for the duration of the program.
  • Partial Hospitalization If you like the idea of a residential treatment program but have obligations at home, a partial rehab program is a good option. All clients are required to report to the facility for treatment during the day. At night, they’re free to go home.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Outpatient programs allow you to live outside of the treatment facility while reporting for services a few times a week. That’s the best option for clients who need to maintain jobs, care for children, or handle other full-time responsibilities while overcoming addiction. Outpatient services are often the most affordable programs available at a women’s addiction treatment program in Davie, FL.

Which type of addiction recovery program you select will depend on a variety of factors. Those factors include your budget and responsibilities outside of treatment. If it’s possible to eliminate all distractions and focus entirely on your treatment for a while, starting down the road to recovery will feel less stressful.

Do You Need a Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Program?

When you select a women’s addiction treatment center in Davie, FL, you give yourself the gift of comfort. Drug and alcohol rehab comes with a variety of emotions. You may need to discuss issues about your personal life that contribute to your addiction. Many women find it easier to talk about sensitive topics when surrounded only by other women.

Even if you don’t intend to discuss sensitive topics that are difficult to talk about in the presence of the opposite gender, you may feel more at ease with women. You will have the opportunity to meet new friends who are also on the journey to recovery, strengthening your support system when you leave the treatment facility.

Why Choose a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center in Davie, FL?

If you live in Broward County or the surrounding area, you may find Davie, Florida, the perfect place for intensive outpatient care or residential care. Full-service women’s treatment centers like the Atlantic Recovery Center, also offer quality aftercare programs. Living in the area allows you to take full advantage of that extended care.

You may also choose a women’s addiction treatment center in Davie, FL if you need to escape the environment that nurtured your addiction. Maybe your home life or social relationships interfere with your recovery. If so, traveling to Davie may give you a healthier environment free of distraction.

Take the First Step Toward Your New Life

How long have you or a loved one suffered from the chaos that comes with addiction? Now is the time to take advantage of the comprehensive programs offered at our women’s addiction treatment center in Davie, FL. We offer a variety of gender-specific addiction treatment programs, including:

Atlantic Recovery Center is your connection to trustworthy, compassionate professionals ready to guide you down the road to recovery. Now is the time to release the grip of drug or alcohol abuse on your life. Contact us at 1-866-824-5193.