Approximately 26,000 women die due to alcohol-related causes every year. This statistic shows that alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, following tobacco use and poor diet and exercise. Drinking excessively often leads to an alcohol abuse disorder that skews your outlook on life and threatens your health. If you struggle with alcohol abuse disorder, you may need a women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL.

Women’s Alcohol Rehab Program in Davie, FLA woman stares at a glass and and a bottle, and wonders if she needs a womens alcohol rehab center davie fl

At Atlantic Recovery Center, our women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL is designed specifically with women in mind. We also have a dedicated men’s alcohol rehab center. Gender-specific therapy lets men and women open up and feel comfortable in group settings and avoids distractions that develop in a mixed-gender environment. Contact us about our women’s alcohol rehab program in Davie, FL to beginning your journey back to productive living.

Our women’s alcohol rehab program in Davie, FL gives women access to high-quality treatment that fits their individual needs. We put in more work so that we understand women’s biology and psychology to develop effective treatment for alcohol use disorder in women. Because this impacts how women heal and overcome the cravings for alcohol, we dedicate our programs to evidence-based treatment that addresses the needs of women. When you come to our women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL, you gain access to emotional and psychological support, medication, and socialization assistance specific to women in recovery.

Women-Only Treatment Programs

There are addiction treatments that work for men and women, including:

We find that women respond to programs designed for them. For example, women with children may require help with housing and childcare to participate in the program. Women who suffer from trauma need an environment where they feel safe and free from social pressures. We also treat women suffering from eating disorders and other mental health concerns better suited to a female-only environment.

We use a combination of holistic and traditional therapy methodologies to encourage your journey toward lifelong sobriety. These methods might include yoga, meditation, and herbal supplements. Women’s hormones during menopause, pregnancy, or chronic conditions may play a significant role in recovery that requires extra love and support.

Aftercare Program

Completing a stay at our women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL is just the first step to a full recovery. After you complete your treatment in rehab, you need additional support to resist using drugs or drinking alcohol. That’s where our aftercare program kicks in. We point you in the direction of groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) that provide continuous love and support, so you don’t have to go through it alone

Our women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL also has an alumni program. We give alumni the chance to interact with those just starting on their journey to recovery.

Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center in Davie, FL

At the Atlantic Recovery Center, our women’s alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL gives hope to women with alcohol abuse disorder who need our support the most. Contact us at (855) 875-0664 today to find out how to break free from alcohol and join a recovery program today.