Atlantic Recovery Center is a women’s drug rehab center in Davie, FL. Among its comprehensive substance abuse recovery plans, it has gender-specific programs for women searching for recovery programs for drug abuse.

Research supports specialized programs that address the needs of women looking to recover from the devastating impacts of drug use. Learn more about our women’s drug rehab program in Davie, FL, to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Atlantic Recovery Center’s Women’s Drug Rehab Center in Davie, FLA woman lays her head on a table and stares at a pile of drugs, as she considers entering a women's drug rehab center in Davie, FL

Compassionate caregivers cater to the clients who enroll in our inpatient or outpatient women’s drug rehab program in Davie, FL. To fully understand the benefits, it’s essential to know that we tailor your recovery plan to your specific needs. Contact one of our recovery counselors to discuss the different programs and get the answers to your questions and concerns.

Here are some of the ways that women experience drug addiction differently than men:

  • Women experience more intense cravings on average during recovery
  • As a woman, you’re more likely to overdose
  • Women tend to self-medicate with illicit substances following past trauma and stress
  • Women transition from substance abuse to dependence more quickly than men

The Impact of Trauma on Drug Abuse

If you have unresolved trauma from an event in your childhood, it may be the cause of your addiction. At our women’s drug rehab center in Davie, FL, women in our care learn to seek help and work through post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma.

Using a variety of activities, you eventually develop life skills that help you think through situations without immediately stressing out. The more in tune and in control of your feelings and thoughts you become, the lower your risk of relapse after completing the women’s drug rehab program in Davie, FL.

When life becomes difficult, women sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol to forget the pain. To sustain your recovery, our counselors and therapists reach out with hope and love to get you back on the right track and help keep you there. We designed several of our programs to address trauma, and a therapist can help you build skills to stay sober.

Gender-based Barriers

Mixed groups can create distractions and barriers that get in the way of your recovery. At Atlantic Recovery Center, the women’s drug rehab center in Davie, FL breaks those barriers down by focusing on the needs of women. Women are more likely to drop out of rehab due to family obligations. This is even more true for extended stays of longer than 30 days.

Consequently, we encourage our clients to stay focused on their programs so that they can make progress towards their recovery every day.

Residential Treatment at Atlantic Recovery Center

Residential treatment provides a structured environment in a safe setting to maximize your opportunities for long term recovery. Not everyone can participate in a residential recovery program. However, we strongly urge you to do so if at all possible.

Are you currently looking for a women’s drug rehab center in Davie, FL? Two things separate our program from others available in the area. We only hire staff members that genuinely care about clients and work towards their recovery. Also, our comprehensive programs provide a variety of resources and different levels of care. This means that everyone who walks through our doors leaves with the tools they need for long-term sobriety and a drug-free life.

Addiction Programs for Women

If you are a woman addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need a medical team of counselors that understand your particular substance abuse disorder. Most illicit drugs have different withdrawal symptoms. If required, we match you up with the right medical resources to deal with your addiction, for you, such as:

Women’s Drug Rehab Center in Davie, FL

At Atlantic Recovery Center, our women’s drug rehab center in Davie, FL, provides gender-specific care for men and women. Don’t stand in the shadows for another day. Our services lay the foundation for sustainable recovery. Call us at (855) 875-0664 today to learn more about our services or to sign up for the women’s drug rehab program in Davie, FL.